Konservierung & Restaurierung von Gemälden & Skulpturen


Gemälde verpacken und transportieren
Gemälde verpacken und transportieren.pdf (7.15MB)
Gemälde verpacken und transportieren
Gemälde verpacken und transportieren.pdf (7.15MB)

PDF in Arbeit: Ausstellungsrichtlinien für Sammlungen

PDF in Arbeit: permanenter Klimarahmen für Gemälde

PDF in Arbeit: Notfallmassnahmen bei Bränden und Hochwasser

TEXTE (Kopien erhältlich auf Anfrage)

Diplomarbeit HFG: "Maltechnische Angaben in zwei anonymen Manuskripten aus dem 18. Jh. in der Burgerbibliothek zu Bern"

Master Thesis: "Two Opposed Attitudes in the Nineteenth Century Towards the Preservation of Architecture - A Survey Based on Selected Examples: The Palace of Minos at Knossos in Crete and the Temple of Athena Nike in Athens"

Seminararbeiten Kunstgeschichte:

1. The Monument to Sir Isaac Newton by William Kent and Michael Rysbrack, Westminster Abbey, 1731 (course: Baroque Sepulchral Art)
2. Catalogue entry and working bibliography for Abraham Storck "Shipping in choppy waters" (course: Dutch Painting 17c)
3. Exhibition review: Henry OssawaTanner (course: Modern Art Criticism)
4. The Chi Rho Page in the Book of Kells (course: Book of Kells)
5. Materials and Techniques of Architectural Construction (course: Greek Architecture)
6. Restoration of Sculpture in the 19th c - Canova vs. Thorvaldsen (course: 19th c. Sculpture)
7. The Use of Color by Jacopo Carucci da Pontormo (course: Problems in Renaissance Art)
8. Materials and Techniques of "fresco buono" - Issues of the current restoration of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling and the "Last Judgement" (course: Last Judgement)
9. Greenberg, Rosenblum, Kozloff - their approaches and ideas to Abstract Expressionism (course: Art since 1945)